Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

It's official...I'm old as dirt.  Had to happen sooner or later, right? 

Don't you love these clever gift wrapping ideas?  Maps, newspapers, & pages from old books used as wrapping paper are quite lovely when you add a pretty ribbon & bow.  And how about an old wall calendar?  How cool is that to circle the date?  Another inventive idea for those of us with lots of colored cardstock:  cut it in strips to create the look of ribbon, pull out a hand punch and punch out circles...I think that's very clever indeed!

Speaking of old things, isn't this a unique idea for displaying face clothes in the guest bathroom?  I use a wire basket shaped like a pig, but I'm thinking this is pretty cute too.  Especially today since I'm suddenly faced with an appreciation for old things.

Next time you're passing a yard sale or flea market, check out the old costume jewelry.  Sometimes you can find an old brooch that would be the perfect topper for a tiny gift box.  Or buy strands of dime store pearls and cut them apart, gluing them on individually.  Mother has given me tons of those pearl necklaces and I've been sharing them with the kids in the neighborhood who play dress-up, but now I'm thinking of new ways to use them.

If you've got any old hardback books around and feel like folding pages, why not make yourself a message center?  Tuck in the reminder postcard from the vet or the tiny appointment card from the dentist.  Rubber stamp envelopes for next month's bills & birthday cards, and tuck them into the pages too.  Save those coupons for delivery pizza and tuck a few of those in there as well.  You never know when they might come in handy.  Then add a favorite photo to make you smile each time you pass.  I recently received a postcard from Sweden and it would be perfect on display.  And if the leaves have begun to change in your area as they have here, why not tuck in a vibrant leaf or two?

It's a dreary, rainy day here but I've got a perfect cup of coffee, so life is good.  My old piggie bedroom shoes are looking worn & loved, but then so am I, so I'm still smiling.  If your day is less than perfect seek out a child and ask them to tell you a joke.  It'll be corny and the delivery will be less than perfect, but it's guaranteed to make you feel good about life. 

And one last thing.  If you don't know what a "dime store" is, you've missed out on a great childhood treat.  Which means there's something to be said for growing old.  Go ask your mother or your grandmother and get them to tell you about the great shopping you could do with loose change back in the old days.  I'm going to send an email to my big brother and remind him about those shopping extravaganzas we used to make weekly to the Person Street Five & Ten.  Paddle balls, silly putty, play dough, pick up sticks, a barrel full of monkeys, jump ropes, bubbles, balloons, and my favorite candies: BB Bats and Kits.  Suddenly I'm not feeling so old after all.  Happy birthday to me!

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