Tuesday, November 18, 2008

37 Days!!!

Here I sat, minding my own business, enjoying a bowl of sugar free Cherry Jello, when I take a peek at a blog. And there it is, in bright flashing color, "37 Days Until Christmas". Have mercy. I very nearly strangled on my jello.
How is it possible? I'm not ready. I can't be ready. It just can't be done. But the holidays are coming whether I'm ready or not, so I may as well take a deep breath and believe it.
My inbox has been filled for the last week with emails from all the magazines, giving me ideas for Thanksgiving table settings, quick decorating ideas, recipes even I can follow. And yet I still didn't see it coming til that "37 Days" post. And you know I'm blonde, so I'm not at all embarrassed to tell you, I flipped the pages of my calendar and counted them off for myself. Well, I probably should be blushing to admit it, but I'm simply astonished. Picture me with my mouth wide open, eyes huge, suddenly mortified to think that I'm leaving on Friday morning for a trip to FL when I should be worrying about decorations and shopping and addressing cards and so much more! I may just have a headache, and I know it's not a sugar rush from that jello because it had no sugar.

This photo came today in an email, giving me ideas for quick and easy gifts. All I have to do is buy some clever jars, like apothocary jars with tight fitting lids. I can sprinkle in some beads or marbles or aquarium glass in the bottom, drop in a paper white bulb, seal the lid, add a ribbon, and voila! I've got a gift. The recipient simply adds water. Goodness, can it really be that easy?
We're discussing our holiday open house and whether we'll host one this year. (Keep in mind we had sheetrock repairs made throughout both the first and second floor over the weekend and now every single room has to be touched up with paint. Do we have the paint you ask? Nope.) The open house is looking doubtful. But aren't these little tin buckets just precious as party favors?

In my foyer we have the most unique, fabulous little chest that looks like a half-circle. The back is flat but the front is rounded, with 15 little pie-shaped drawers. The sight of this little chest with some of the drawers open, dangling ornaments and decorations just screamed at me to copy.

And how fabulous is this? A little greenery, a few bows, some tiny wrapped packages. I'm simply swooning over the simplicity of it all and wondering if I might have time to adapt just a few of these ideas in the next 37 days. Actually I've got to deduct a few for my upcoming trip, and then I'll need a few to rest. Oh, and a day at Mom's for turkey and the trimmings, and then a day to rest up from that.
Tick Tock. Yes, that's me you hear screaming...

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