Friday, April 29, 2016

Artiscape 2016- A Jumble of Journals

Sure, I see all the stuff on that table.  I put most of it there myself.  But this was close to the beginning of a 4-hour class, so just imagine how it looked at the end!  This was my Jumble of Journals class where I promised to guide them through 4 totally different types of journals.  And they'd have been thrilled with that, but instead we made SIX!!  In just 4 hours!  Can you even imagine?

This photo was taken while everyone worked on their 3rd journal of the day.  I asked them to tidy up after each one was completed so their kits wouldn't get jumbled together.

I think they had as much fun plundering through the kits, choosing ephemera to add to pages, learning about origami folds, deciding the order of their pages and such as I had pulling it all together for them.

I still have extra kits for all of these journals if anyone is interested.  Just ask.  I enjoy moving around the room, checking the progress, noticing the ones who keep everything neat and tidy while others prefer to see all their options at their fingertips.

And of course I love journal classes that allow me to share all the ephemera I continue to collect.

I wish I'd had more time to get to know all these lovely gals since this was their first time taking one of my classes, but there wasn't a minute to spare. 

And I brought so much more than what you see in their kits.  I packed lots of glue sticks and rolls of double-stick tape, just in case anyone forgot to pack something, or ran out. 
If you'll look on that table behind these busy ladies you'll see just a portion of things I brought along for this one class.  Yes there's a Cinch on the left, and not one, but two Zutter Bind-It-Alls.  And of course that required wire cutters and the spiral bindings.  And I wanted everyone to try their corner rounders which punch beautifully through chipboard and mat board.  But you can also stack up sheets of cardstock and punch through the entire stack at once too.

One of our journals used those heavy duty travel Bingo cards with the red sliders to cover the numbers and O-rings as the binding.  That meant punching holes in lots and lots of cardstock, so I brought 3 heavy duty hole punches as well as handheld punches.  And because I like to spoil my students, I'd already punched quite a few of their pages and rounded the corners too.

  I find my students prefer when I pack all the necessities like 5 awls, 8 punches, 3 binding machines, etc., allowing them to bring just a pair of scissors and a glue stick.  I even wrapped washi tape around playing cards to tuck into their kits for that little added detail, though a few brought their own rolls.
The journal made with the spiral binding has coasters as covers, some courtesy of my brother who lived in England for 25 years and brought me a few.  I just love the unusual, don't you?  But I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to try the Cinch or the Bind It All, just in case they hadn't already made a purchase, allowing them to compare the features.
And the 6th journal was really a gift from me, which some completed right there in the room and some only began.  Who doesn't love a freebie, right?
Next post includes photos from my Concertina Book class, so be sure to check back!

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