Monday, August 18, 2014

Stampaway Classes with Gaye & Pat

Once again I was able to squeeze in a class with the talented, delightful Gaye Medbury.    Usually we're teaching opposite one another throughout the week, and I manage to find one opening in my schedule to learn from the master.
Tiny, precious, wondrous little Concertina Boxes.  Loved every single minute of it.  As always.  Thanks Girlie!

And Pat took this class as well, but couldn't resist jumping up to assist as she's always done in Gaye's classes. 

She also taught one this year, which I took, called her Agenda Book.
Loved every step, every moment, even though I didn't quite do it correctly and had to ask for a little assistance.  She watched me and thought I was onto something genius, so she let me continue...right up until I noticed something was amiss.
But she quickly pulled my fat out of the fire.  Thanks ever so much for that!

I think everyone should take classes, including instructors like myself.  We can all learn so much.  Can't wait to do it again in 2015!

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