Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Distracted, but well intentioned

I've been fretting a bit of late.  And worrying.  And staying a tad distracted.
I've been bounced around to doctor offices, had my first endoscopy, and learned everything I never wanted to know about celiac disease and how to live gluten-free.  Ugh.

Life continues to get in the way of my creativity.  Although I have been adding art to the pages of my latest journal, welcoming the distraction and enjoying the bright colors.  Adding pockets, playing with rubber stamps, and planning a few new projects.

But I've had some great fun with the boys.  Who can resist those little cuties?  I watched Luke take some tentative steps on Saturday before deciding that he could crawl much faster than reaching for one more thing in his path on foot.  And Jackson entertained me, playing Trouble followed by some excitement with Operation.  Not sure which of us laughed the most when that nose would light up and the buzzer would go off, making me jump every time.

It's my 14th anniversary so I'm about to head out for a lovely dinner at The Angus Barn. 

I'll be back tomorrow.  Hope you will be too.

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