Monday, August 13, 2012

Photos from 20th Stampaway

Some of my friends have come through for me, though I still don't have photos of everyone.  Did I tell you that Barbara is a blonde now?  Truly need a shot of that!  Quite fabulous...
Here we have Joni and Cecile.  Still can't believe there won't be an Artful Illusions booth next year.  That sobbing you hear in the background is me.

Here's Elaine from Carmen's...another vendor that won't be back next year.  Check out that apron.

Here's a shot of Denise on Saturday.

Joni and Mark invited us to dinner on Thursday night at Pappadeaux.  Oh my, the seafood is phenomenal.

Joni taking photos of us from the head of the table.

Appetizers included gator which was actually very good.  No different than chicken really.

Mary chatting to someone down at the other end of the table.  Very entertaining lady, let me tell you.

We were entertained all evening.  Completely missed the 20th anniversary dessert party and magician at the hotel, but we were entertained beyond words.

If you're hungry, go to Pappadeaux.  And if you're local, prepare to take home a doggie bag for tomorrow's dinner.  You'll have a lot left over.
Sharon left her 4:30 class early and arrived in my classroom just in time to take a few photos.  We played around with techniques first and then the gals came up to my table at the front of the room to stamp images in black over their colorful backgrounds.

Colorful, right?

It was interesting too see just how many images they could fit on a 4x6 piece of cardstock.

And I taught them a trick using stencils and punchinella together at the same time which was a huge hit.

Which is why you keep seeing flowers on these background pieces.

My thanks to Sharon and Denise for sharing their photos. 

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