Thursday, March 15, 2012

STARS are coming to play tonight

The girls in my stamp club are coming over tonight for our monthly meeting and a bit of play...making envelope books.  Have you made one of these before?
Last month we were trying to decide on swaps, challenges & projects for the upcoming months.  And I pulled out this little envelope book that I made years ago and it sparked everyone's imagination.

I made mine to hold bits from my travels but they could certainly house your coupon collection or receipts or, if your envelopes are large enough, they could hold cards you need to send out, making an envelope for every month.
Tonight I'm putting out hundreds of rubber stamps and a bit of ephemera, like the colorful pieces added to mine, so I'll take some photos of the girls at work and post them tomorrow.

Come on back to check them out, won't you?

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