Friday, November 4, 2011

Time to Gather

Pinecones, that is.  We've had rain, and lots of it, last night and today.  Which means pinecones are falling from the trees.  And it's time to gather them up and stash them in the basement til they dry out for use around the house.
Like this.
Did I tell you I took my parents to the beach last weekend?  The weatherman predicted cold and rain, and he was wrong, wrong, wrong.  We had sunshine and warm, lovely days.  Of course we stayed inside for 3 days playing dominoes, so it hardly mattered.  But we did have hot chocolate, which makes me think of Fall.

I gathered up all the Halloween decorations yesterday.  So sad.  But I've still got my overflowing pots with pansies and cold weather plantings on the front porch, plus my pumpkins and gourds, and my wreath, so all's not lost.

I just need everything to last til it's time to start with the holiday decorations.  I can almost hear the jingle of bells in the background, can't you?

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