Monday, November 7, 2011

Nature at its best

Did you by any chance watch Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network yesterday?  It aired twice that I know of, so undoubtedly, reruns are still being shown.  Do tune in for the first segment on nature.  My stars, it was glorious.  So much so in fact, that I ran it back and set the DVR to record it.  Watched it in its entirety and then watched it again last night with ACC when he came in from toiling on the new pergola.

The time lapse photography was magnificent...watching seeds fall & germinate, vines begin to grow and climb in the dense forest.  Or a tree in Australia that grows in salt water.  Who knew?

Awe inspiring.  That's what it was. 

Last week's cool temperatures are gone and today its sunny and glorious outside.  Too late.  We've already begun moving the big pots of outdoor plants inside.  The biggest, heaviest of them is still on the handtruck, sitting in the middle of my front porch.  Need to find a strong body to help get it inside tonight.  Maybe the plumber due at 5:30 could be persuaded since I'm not sure he can squeeze past it anyway.

But you know that cold weather is coming and it will be here before we know it.  I found this photo on the BH&G site and instantly it sent me back in time to the street where I grew up, near Five Points in Raleigh.  Mr. Peebles, right across the street, owned one of these huge cedar trees.  I can see it in my mind, as real and true as though I just looked out the window from across the street more than 40 years ago.  Funny how your mind can play tricks on you like that. 

Where has the time gone?  Did I really move out of that childhood home 40 years ago?  Sure did.  And yet I can remember it like yesterday.  The year I fell in love with yellow and orange and Robert Wagner played Al Mundy on It Takes A Thief.  I had his picture on my wall, next to a huge sombrero. 
And I can see the crepe myrtle trees by the front porch where I got my first kiss at 12 (my word), and all the hybiscus planted along the property line, and my play house in the backyard.  I can even see the shade of pink on the walls and the curtains at the windows.  And that big old apple tree pecked entirely from top to bottom by that pesky woodpecker. 

Might be time to cruise back by the hood and see what's changed since my last drive by.  Good Grief, my drive by...makes me sound like a gangsta.  Have mercy.

I digress.  You should check for a rerun of that fabulous nature segment.  And stick around for the short with the big mic.  No Impact Man was less worthy so you have my permission to check out when he comes on, or at least after a few minutes.  Giving up toilet tissue and electricity was not a good thing, Martha, and you don't need to be witness to it.

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