Friday, April 29, 2011

Cigar Box Storage

As many of you know, I collect wooden cigar boxes.  A year ago I found 4 oversized boxes that measure 22x7x5, and though I wasn't sure at the time what I'd do with them, I knew potential when I saw it.   Recently I had 3 ladies in the studio on a Saturday and it seemed the perfect opportunity to pull these boxes out of storage.  Ophelia didn't stay for the play date, taking hers home instead, but Sharon & Lynda stayed, and what a time we had.  If you think I'm not serious about my art I should tell you we began work on these around 2:00 and they didn't leave for home until 8:45pm!!

Each box is  divided inside so that 5 varieties of individually wrapped cigars could be showcased in each section.  So of course that spoke to me as a new home for my Ranger Distress Stains, Dabbers, & Dimensional Pearls, plus my Clearsnap Smooch and Smooch Spritz.  Of course the box isn't anywhere near large enough to hold my entire stash of those products, but you get the idea.  Attractive storage!

Mine isn't finished of course.  It was one of those days when I was so busy scrambling to find the perfect embellishment for their boxes that I couldn't even slow down to think of my own.  Mind you I have oodles of ideas, and one of these days it will be finished, but better to show you photos now of my work in progress than to wait for the end result.

The top is hinged and can be left open or closed, depending on the height of the products I store inside.

I chose decorative scrapbook paper by K&Company that would coordinate with the yellow lacquered finish on the box, allowing me to leave the edges unfinished and still have a lovely result.  On Sharon's box she used Tim's Tissue Tape on all exposed edges, and Lynda used ribbon.

Lynda brought hers as part of her show & tell at this month's stamp club meeting, so below are photos of hers, already filled with goodies.

Pretty fabulous, right?

Today my plan is to showcase my house class I'm teaching at this year's Stampaway convention, but I wanted to show you these first.

Do come back, won't you?

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