Thursday, March 25, 2010

And So It Goes...

Tidbits from a blonde...

Now that I'm driving that big SUV I've gone crazy at the grocery store twice.  We're talking $150 worth of groceries in one trip, which I've never done.  So we're unloading them all and it's pointed out to me that my new freezer is full...we're talking capacity full...and that I've got to start cooking some of the stuff I've already got in there.

Sounds like a plan.  So 2 nights ago I pulled out some of Mother's frozen vegetables from her very own garden...peas, corn, butterbeans, etc.  Then I cooked chicken, diced potatoes, chopped onions, poured it all in my new digital slow cooker and set it to cook for hours and hours.  The end result is a ton of homemade vegetable soup.  Have I mentioned I don't eat vegetables?  Which means I sure don't eat vegetable soup.  So now instead of 3 small quart-size bags of vegetables I've got to find room for 6 very big plastic containers of soup!  Didn't think that one through very well, did I?

Have I mentioned that we've never met a dish we don't like?  We've got quite the collection of dinner plates, dessert plates, bowls of every shape & size.  As we add to our collection we begin to avoid sets at all costs...always keeping them on the bottom of the pile on a high enough shelf that I couldn't reach them even if I were tempted.  So the last time my mother came to visit we sent tons of dessert plates home with her, intended for the local thrift store, though we suspect they never made it that far.  And now I don't have enough of those small plates for bread on the table or pie for dessert.  Sounds like time for a shopping trip!

Remember last year when we bought those 2 fabulous dishwashers?  This week both were full of clean dishes and we were back to the same old one wanted to empty them.  So as I'm running dish water in the sink I realize that I'd rather empty them than wash a dish by I emptied them both.  I think I've reached a point...a not-so-attractive point.  I won't say lazy or spoiled or diva, but we're all thinking it.

Last night I made 4 batches of Chex Party Mix.  I have another 3 batches measured out to go in the oven tonight.  You guessed mother and step-father are coming tomorrow for a late night of dominos.  (According to the dictionary I can spell that with or without an e; both look wrong.)

Tonight I'm making chicken casserole.  Had to do something with all that chicken I cooked the other night that didn't go in the soup.  Me, cooking, ...more than once in a week.  Make a note of the date and time; it may never happen again.  Or better in the kitchen every night this week!!!  And not just passing through for crushed ice or coffee.  It's a miracle!

In the last week I've read 3 books.  Probably the last Jesse Stone book Robert B. Parker ever wrote, one by John Grisham, and I already can't remember the third.  Last night I began not one, but 2 new ones.  Another John Grisham and one I read about in the paper called The Postmistress.  I'll let you know how that goes...I'm thinking one will win out over the other. 

I've been busy in the studio.  I'm teaching a workshop at the Summer CHA in Chicago plus 2 mini classes.  I've added Stampfest Orlando to my schedule in June, and my local girls are screaming for classes in the studio.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Did I mention my grandson?  Went to see him Sunday night and he slept the entire time I was there.  What's up with that?!?!?!

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