Monday, July 20, 2009

The Calm Before the Storm

May I just say if you need to laugh I've found the TV show to make it happen. Wipeout is without a doubt the funniest thing. Now it could be because I'm totally exhausted by the time I sit down to watch an episode (I record them on the DVR and rarely watch them) but when the contestants start falling in the water, or getting knocked into the water, I'm falling all over myself, laughing hysterically. Mind you I don't want to be a contestant, not even for $50 large, and I don't really care which one wins each week...I watch it for sheer entertainment value. And I get my money's worth!
Did you know McDonald's had a birthday last week for the Happy Meal? You go McD's. I still buy kid's meals from time to time as a quick lunch, but not as often as I used to, and I know the trick-or-treaters will be disappointed with me this year. Every kid in the hood knows I give away those toys as well as candy. I'm the first stop on a lot of their lists. So this year, the early bird really will get the worm (ummm, toy) and when they're gone, they're gone. (Today I got a cow from Chick-fil-A, from their new Herd. )
First an update on the house. Drum roll please... we bought furniture!!! We picked out a sectional sofa with a chaise lounge on one end and a huge ottoman for the other. And we also seclected a counter-height table and chairs (leather on the seat backs and bottoms), a 42" round table for the 2 of us but it comes with a leaf turning it into a 54" oval when we have guests. Of course the sofa has to be built and shipped in, but it will arrive in Raleigh while I'm in Orlando. Then the local guy is going to overstuff the back cushions for me and it will be delivered while I'm in Cincinnati. As will the table and chairs, so I'll have some nice surprises when I return from my travels.
My travertine tiles for the backsplashes arrived last week and they were the wrong color. We returned those on Friday night and re-ordered new tiles that will be here Wednesday. Hope hubby remembered to reschedule the tile guy for this Friday. Now if only I could decide on a paint color!!! Don't even get me started. Yes, I'm still holding up that show. But with luck I'll make up my mind and the painters will come while I'm in OH. Keep your fingers crossed.
Yesterday's guinea pig class was phenomenal!!!! I'll try to post photos tomorrow. No kidding, it was just grand from beginning to end. Everyone did a fabulous job and I've tweaked it to perfection on timing, supplies to provide, etc. For the 32 lucky ladies who got into the class at Stamp Your Art Out, hang on because you're in for a real ride.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I've got to start packing my supplies for Summer CHA. Not only will I be doing make & takes with bangles in beads Tues-Thurs next week, but I'll also be doing make & takes for the Consumer Super Craft Show all day Fri & Sat. Please, if you're headed to either show (or both) in Orlando, stop by and see me in booth 1712 (Indus Trading Company, located in General Crafts). We're going to be the happening place once again. And along with a different bangle each day, we're also making ornaments with our largest beads. Too much fun.
Come back tomorrow and check out the photos. I'm exhausted and think a nap sounds pretty good right now.

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