Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Play Time

I sound like a broken record when I tell you how busy I am, but it's fact not fiction. Imagine me one week ago, thinking I'm going out to dinner but instead spending a few hours in an appliance store selecting all new appliances for my kitchen. Now imagine picking out cabinets the next day and THEN meeting with a contractor. What's wrong with this picture? So when I tell you I'm busy, trust me.

And if that's not enough to keep me busy, I'm preparing for a class on Saturday. Now that's fun. I've been going through drawer after drawer, finding hidden treasures. New library cards, vintage prescriptions for the early 1900's, wine labels, cigarette cards and so much more. Mind you I don't need all those things for my class, but I'm sorting and hoping to store more "like" things together when everything's put away again.

Some of my best stash items will remain in my stash. Why cover up really good vintage ephemera with inks and paints, destroying that brittle old paper? Nope.

But Bingo cards? Sure, they can go. And time cards? Yep, those too. Remember my trip to California in January when I found foreign text books? Gonna yank a few pages out of those for sure!

And I've still got plenty of old ledger books, so again, I don't feel bad about pulling out a few pages to experiment on, though I'm not worried about covering them with ink. I've been doing it for years and simply love it. The same goes for my old books of sheet music. They're so dramatic when inked and painted.

New phone books have been delivered (far too many) plus I've got old ones to recycle that are being replaced, and I plan to play with pages from those as well. I love the look of glaze on those because they become translucent.
The ladies coming to play are in for a real treat. Lots of techniques, lots of fun. Wish you were here to join us. But since you're not, why don't you try something new on your own?

How about a little fun with decoupage? Punch some circles & squares of brightly colored paper. Cut a few strips. Have some fun with Mod Podge. Why I can just see a few containers decorated to within an inch of their lives, filled with Tiddly Winks and Bingo markers, game pieces and beads. Can't you?


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  2. I'm so looking forward to some playtime!

  3. See you in the morning. Want to join us for breakfast? Call one of our cells if you do!


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