Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For the Love of Books...and Spring

I'm one of those people who loves to read, sometimes reading two books at once. And that's exactly what happened last week. I set off for the library where I checked out 5 books, including a new one by a local author named Clyde Edgerton. One of my favorite books in the world was written by him, titled Walking Across Egypt. I'd check it out at the library ever so often and finally found a copy of my very own, which I've continued to read every few years. I'm sorry to say his new one wasn't a favorite and I won't go searching for it in the future. And that's too bad.

On my trips to the local library I usually add books to my "request" list and 2 days after bringing Clyde home, I received the call that "A Good Thief's Guide to Paris" was waiting for me. Off I dashed to get it and "The Bible Salesman" waited patiently on my nightstand as I hurried through my new mystery. It was a 7-day loan after all. I finished it on Monday and last night I finished the other.

Now that means a new trip to the library tonight because I'll need something to read at bedtime. Do we have a library in our house? Yep, just off Clayton's study. Do we also have more books lining the built-in bookcases up in the family room? Yep. And is my studio overflowing with craft books? You betcha. But there's something about the hunt up and down all those aisles that draws me back week after week. I can't help myself.

As for my craft books, I received an email from Amazon 2 days ago, with a suggestion of a new book for me, based on my previous purchases. I clicked over to that screen and found that I've bought 135 craft books from Amazon. Mind you that doesn't count the ones I've bought in stores. Well I must say, that was quite staggering. I've still got that slack-jawed, glazed over look in my eyes just thinking about that. Holy Hannah. That's a lotta books.

A friend and I have discussed whether we should get rid of our magazines. Have mercy, I can't bring myself to do it. I've got every single issue of Somerset Studio and I couldn't possibly part with a single one of them. I've still got really old issues of magazines like Rubberstampmadness and some that are no longer in business. I have given away some magazines, like Vamp Stamp News or Scrap N Stamp, but not my treasures like anything published by Stampington. You can't imagine how many times I've gone searching through the hundreds of magazines on my 3 bookcases, looking for inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, it seems all the women's magazines now have newsletters via email, and they've all found their way into my inbox. I'm truly not sure how that happened. Some days I delete them with barely a glance, but this week I was struck by the colors of Spring, namely Citrus.

Growing up yellow and orange were my favorite colors. And while my kitchen would look peculiar with anything orange, I've gotta tell you, these napkins tied with simple ribbons really speak to me. I think I could pull it off with a lunch out on the patio.

And aren't these little pots fabulous, again tied with ribbon? I can absolutely see myself doing this! They'd make such lovely gifts, just as they are, don't you think?

This little vignette is just so lovely I can hardly stand it! And it's so me. All my colors...little pots, greenery, fresh flowers. I'm telling you, this really appeals to me. Why it makes me want to rush right out to Home Depot and buy some new pots and a few tiny plants, and then swing by the grocery store for a bouquet of fresh flowers.

Just today I read an article in the paper about cheapskates. Seriously, an entire article telling me how some woman is saving the scraps of bagels from her kids' plates to use as toppings on a pizza. As we live and breathe... How's this economy ever gonna get moving if we've come to this? I'll tell you how. People like me will keep shopping on and subscribing to magazines and their email lists. And we'll see these fabulous photos and think we need that little bit of sunshine in our lives, because truly, we do.
But I can't keep the economy moving on my own, so just consider a tiny potted plant or a small bouquet of fresh flowers. If you're headed to the doctor or dentist or hairdresser this week, take along a small something to say thank you. Pull out your stamps and inks, or sort through your stack of pretty papers and find something that says Spring. Make a tiny something to give away. You'll feel as good as the person who receives it. Hmmm, Target is right next door to Home Depot. I wonder if their Dollar Spot has any pretty little pots?

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