Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What Color Is Happy?

You know me...a day late and a dollar short. So this morning I'm finally looking at yesterday's newspaper (The News & Observer) and found the most interesting little article. Seems Crayola is renaming their colors to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their Box of 64. I love crayons! I love the smell, the colors, and the endless possibilities that box offers. Mine are no longer in their box; instead they're mixed with other brands including Glitter Crayons in an old Whitman candy tin or maybe now they live in an old cigar box. I know the collection outgrew one of those containers; I just can't remember which one won out in the end. I'm carrying those crayons with me for classes at StampFest in Orlando and Stampaway in Cincinnati because I know everyone loves them as much as I do.
But do they really need new names? Especially when the names were selected with the help of 20,000 kids. Why didn't somebody ask me?
So the article turned to a discussion of 3rd graders, asking what they thought of the new names. As you can imagine, there were quite a few comments. The concern included the confusion of little kids trying to learn their colors when Orange is now Fun in the Sun and Happily Ever After is actually Blue.
But two brilliant little gals appealed to me immediately. Sarah liked the new names, saying they had Pizazz, and the echo of that word could be heard throughout the room as everyone tried it on for size. What a great word and so appropriate. Little Peyton thought the new names were like a secret language. Indeed! Go open your box of crayons and listen closely. No matter the name on the wrapper, they're still a joy. Take them out of the box, color some flowers and birds, scribble away on a background, and listen to them sing. Sure enough, I can hear it. It truly is the secret language of Pizazz.

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