Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I'm Teaching at Artiscape Next Week

I'm pleased to tell you I'll be teaching at Artiscape next week in Ohio.  It's an unconventional "convention", unlike my usual venue, but I'm so excited to add it to my schedule.  There are 50 workshops offered over the course of 4 days, as well as an Artist's Marketplace and an Outsider Art Fair. 

Can't steal away for 4 days?  Not to worry because day-trippers are welcome to shop or attend a class or two.  There are 15 art supply vendors from across the country, plus artists selling their wares including jewelry, paper, book arts, glass, metal and so much more. 

The workshops cover so many topics from metal embossing to torch enameling, encaustics to stencils, watercolor to Zentangles, and of course a wide variety of journals will be made.  Why I'd be taking a class or two if I weren't on the schedule to teach.

My studio is a whirlwind of activity as kits are being prepared.  My collections of old ledgers, books of sheet music, foreign text books and such have been plundered for my Specimen Box Collage class.  There are teeny tiny puzzle pieces, buttons & lace, flashing tape, and so many things scattered here and there, awaiting their turn to be packed into baggies & boxes.

There are oversized sheets of cardstock in various weights and colors being trimmed to size for the Collage in Miniature class.  Inks and paints, stencils and applicators, are all being corralled and sorted.  Every drawer and bin has been scoured for ephemera. 

And rubber stamps!  Oh my, trying to choose between the thousands to see which lucky ones get packed have me in a tizzy.  I know which are my favorites, but how many more would have appeal to new students? 

I'm diving back in, but will surface tomorrow with more news, so please visit again.

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