Monday, February 25, 2013

Better at Playing than Photographing

Jackson spent his first night away from home with Mimi & Papa.  We were thrilled.  He didn't know he was staying.  While we were up in the studio playing with water colors and rubber stamps and trying out all my paper cutters, Mom, Dad & Baby Luke slipped away.

He wasn't upset at all and only asked about them 6 or 8 times over the course of the next 24 hours.

In addition to creating art we played with cars and horns and a guitar that I didn't give him at Christmas because it was too loud.  And after a very few minutes, I stashed it away for a future play date.  No way I'd send that home with a new baby in the house; my daughter-in-law would never have forgiven me.

He eats often, but like a bird, so imagine my surprise when he ate my supper after eating his own!  That'll teach me not to plan for the unexpected.  I was told he loves McD's pancakes so I made pancakes yesterday for breakfast.  He ate 2 of the 4 on his plate.  Perhaps they didn't measure up.  Or perhaps it was the fact that he spotted the iPad. 

The photo above was taken after pancakes, with the boys in their pj's, playing with the ipad. 

Don't know why I didn't think to take pictures in the studio, or outside yesterday playing in the sunshine, or during that 45 minute Mr. Bubble bath time fun.  Mimi's got to do better.