Monday, February 20, 2012

Hyatt House - Devine!!

Oh my, if you want to be treated like royalty for less than the price of an inexpensive hotel, run quickly and find the nearest Hyatt House!  After 6 nights at a hotel less than a block from the Anaheim Convention Center, we moved less than 6 miles away to heaven.  From a cramped room with a hard bed to a luxurious suite, with the most comfortable CA King in a separate room, divided from the livingroom by French doors, and pillows as comfortable as my own at home.  From $110 a night for that cramped room to $107 for a suite with a full kitchen, separate bedroom, balcony off the livingroom, with a smiling, friendly staff who genuinely seemed pleased to have us visit, it was the icing on my cake.
We shopped at a local grocery store for Laughing Cow Babybel cheese, wheat thin crackers, red seedless grapes, and vanilla ice cream to store in our fullsize fridge.  Not only were the cabinets filled with real dishes & silverware, but there were measuring cups, mixing bowls, pots & pans...everything we needed.  And even though there was a sink with dishwashing liquid, the housekeeping staff came daily to collect your used dishes and replace them with clean ones!  Get outta here!  It's true!

These are the photos from their website.  But it was even better than this looks. 

Now let's talk about breakfast.  We went from the usual muffins, doughnuts, cold cereal on styrofoam plates and plastic silverware to a hot breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, fresh fruit bowls and hot oatmeal with sides of raisins, brown sugar, toasted pecans...fresh juices, oh it was so wonderful.

You can tell this is my photo because just like at home, I've scattered my things all over that granite countertop.  They wanted me to make myself at home and of course I did.

Just look at that bed...makes you want to jump right in too, doesn't it?

And now let's rave about the staff for a minute.  I called to see if we could drop off our luggage early.  Willy said yes, but when we arrived at 11am, he said my room was ready.  I knew I was gonna love this guy and sure enough, I did.

I asked about parking the car at one of these places where you catch the double-decker buses for a sightseeing tour.  He had a better idea.  A private car and driver for a 9 hour tour of Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, the stars' homes, plus numerous beaches.  Did it cost me more?  Yes, but instead of $68 for a 2-hour tour on a bus full of strangers I had a private tourguide who let me wander as long as I wanted, wherever I wanted, and managed to show me a CA I'd never have seen otherwise.  Even though we'd rented a 2012 Mustang Convertible we'd never have found all these incredible places.  Money well spent.

Next time you travel, do look for one of these hotels.  I see they're located from Raleigh to Boston so you know I'll be booking rooms for my trip to New England in September.  And if you find yourself in the Los Angeles/Anaheim area of CA, tell Willy I sent you.

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