Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Baby...

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?  David and his family came over on Christmas Eve and I squeezed and pinched and kissed the baby until I was sure he'd scream at the sight of me for the rest of his life.  And as predicted I was headed for bed at 4am where I tossed & turned, trying to get comfortable until  the clock went off at 5:10am to start my day.  ARGH!

I'd seen a digital laser beam thermometer on Martha Stewart's show and thought I wanted it.  Well, I got it; all $90 of it!  So now I'm mortified and thinking I shouldn't keep it.  Will I really make candy?  I never have before.  If I keep it I'll have no choice, right?

Have you ever seen anything as sweet as this little guy?  I could just eat him with a spoon.
So as great as my gifts were this year, getting to play with Tiny Tot two days in a row was the best gift of all.

I'm sick with icky ears & throat, and of course my voice is gone, but at least I didn't start getting sick until the day after Christmas.  Merry Christmas to me.

Here's looking forward to New Year's.

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