Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Anniversary Giveaway

Happy Anniversary!  My blog is 2 years old today and we're celebrating with a giveaway.  Leave a comment within the next week telling me why you read this and one will be chosen randomly to receive a prize package of goodies.

Here's looking toward the next year of postings!


  1. I read your blog because I'm your biggest fan and I don't want to miss anything. Love to see photos of projects and sneak peeks.

  2. Hi there Lovely Lady,
    I read your blog everyday. Sometimes when you
    haven't posted I check and recheck several times
    a day, that is how much I look forward to your
    endearing stories of your life, your creativity,
    and your family. I cherish having you in my
    life and knowing you in person has made the blog
    that much more special to me. Keep it up, and
    a great big Thank you for all the encouragement
    and knowledge graciously shared over the years.
    Michele Taylor,

  3. Taylor302@aol.comApril 15, 2010 11:03 PM

    Hey, Happy Anniversary, Here's to many many
    more years of fun!!! Michele Taylor

  4. Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Happy Anniversary
    Heres a toast to my wonderful friend!!! I check your blog just about every day. Love your stories and it's so much fun to hear them, it's like you are sitting here with me catching me up. I am looking forward to seeing you in August and that time will be too short as it always is.I am looking forward to many more years so until I see you later on,"Here's Looking at You."


  6. Happy Anniversary, Linda!!! Your blog is absolutely delightful. I loved the pictures of NC vs. WI. Sounds like a road trip to cooler weather if you ask me!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you at Stampaway. Your classes look fabulous and I hope to be able to sign up! See you in 4 months! Denise

  7. Linda, You are creative in so many ways including a good writer. I love to read your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Laurie Wendt

  8. Happy Anniversary, Dear LL..
    Hey.. when I can't get a Lovely Linda fix in person, visiting your blog is the next best thing. I can actually hear you as I read the words.. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.
    Lynda C

  9. Happy One Year!! Its because of you that I have a blog...and I love it! I agree with are an amazing writer! I so enjoy reading your blog. Miss ya!

  10. Congratulations Linda. I have enjoyed reading your blog - especially love hearing about Mini
    Cooper and Mercedes, and now that beautiful grandson, Jackson --- you are so blessed!

    Karen A.

  11. Happy Anniversary! I read your blog because it always makes me smile and frequently makes me laugh out loud! I met you at Stampaway several years ago and sign up every year for at least one of your classes! I have already signed up for this year (keeping my fingers crossed that I get in your class!!) I love your projects and your style. You're a hoot! Thanks for sharing your adventures (and misadventures) with us! See you in August! ~Betsy stampinbetsy at yahoo dot com

  12. Carol H. aka HRH Crown Princess CarolApril 19, 2010 2:58 PM

    All this time and I've been looking at your old blog and thinking you had given up! Well, I've bookmarked you now so I'll definitely be checking in on you more often! Can't wait to see you at Stampaway! Maybe I'll even manage to be in one of your classes. Cool, huh?!

  13. I am the big winner of the Blog Anniversary give away! Lucky me. I received a basket crammed full of all sorts of goodies. Linda you are so generous - THANK YOU!
    Laurie W.


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