Friday, February 5, 2010

TGIF; let's think about Valentine's Day

I have so much more to tell you about CHA and all the new goodies, but not today.  I've dragged 4 heavy suitcases laden with product and samples up to the studio, but you've seen the mess in that room, so they're just inside the door. 
Last night the roads were clear enough that we could finally go collect Mini & Mercedes.  Ahh, to have the babies home where they belong...  Both have put on TONS of weight, (thank you Mother for feeding them from the table) and both need haircuts, which are scheduled for next weekend. 
I began flipping the pages of my new Martha Stewart Living magazine today and I was calmed by the soothing colors page after page.  I also flipped the pages of my new House Beautiful, which is all about the color blue, and again, certain shades drew me in.  Alas, too late.  No more painting in my house!!! 
Although having said that, I do plan to do something different in the studio.  It will be lovely, but it will also be a while.  Can't think about that til the room is cleared.
Meanshile Valentine's Day is a week away and I want to do something crafty again this year.  Last year I wrapped large Hershey bars with scrapbook paper, which was inexpensive and still nice.  But I'm feeling more adventurous this year. 
I can certainly repackage seeds to give as gifts.
And I can use decorative paper to wrap boxes of chocolates or cans of hot cocoa mix.
I can actually reach my stash of brown paper bags in the studio, so adding a tiny potted plant inside and tying on a ribbon or bow is within my power. 
I bought a new roll of wax paper yesterday so punching tissue paper hearts to sandwich between 2 sheets and iron would be no trouble.  I can always bake more tiny loaves of my pumpkin bread to tuck inside.  No one ever gets tired of that little treat!
And we all know I have hundreds of old rusty keys.  This idea from Better Homes & Gardens is something I can manage.
But why not make lots of paper hearts in all shapes and sizes and scatter them around?   Leave one in a neighbor's mailbox or tucked under their door knocker...under windshield wipers if the rain ever stops...tuck one into the pages of a library book...leave one with your tip next time you're out for dinner...mail an envelope full to the doctor's office or to the vet...
You get the idea.  Be clever.  Be kind.  Be back...

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