Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Storage Flea Market Style

I'm a collector.  And I'm always trying to be better organized.  Which is why these ideas have such great appeal.  Why not combine the two loves into one and create some great projects?

An old tin can can easily be transformed into a lamp.  And I can see something like this on display in my studio, can't you?

This is an old metal heating grate that's been mounted on the wall with screws, transforming it into a really cool magazine rack. 

Wouldn't you love to find several of these?

This is my favorite idea of all time.  If you visit antique stores and flea markets as much as I do, you've stumbled across a lot of old drawer pulls.  Isn't this a simply fabulous idea? 

I should tell you all these ideas & photos came to me in an email from Better Homes & Gardens. 

I see old shutters at the Habitat Reuse Center all the time and I can never envision a use for them.  But once I saw this one painted yellow, I knew it would be a great display piece in my studio for displaying cards, ATC's, postcards and more.

Most bird cages I've seen didn't look quite this nice, but clearly they have potential.  Dowels have been run from side to side with a piece of glass (or plexiglass) resting atop them to create shelves. 

I probably wouldn't use this for mail, but instead as another display space for my dimensional art.  And since wall space is well gone in my studio, I could certainly suspend this from the ceiling in an unusual place.  Oh how I love these great ideas!

Now if you have a corner or wall space a tall shutter would work.  I'm not sure I have such a corner, but I still love the idea.

Add a bulletin board or chalk board at the top, and tuck in art work in the bottom. 

I'm inspired.  How about you?  This will be the last weekend of the flea market in Raleigh until November because they're shutting down on Sunday in preparation of the State Fair.  Maybe you should venture out and see what treasures you can find.  And there's always the local thrift stores & consignment shops. 

Let me know if you find anything.

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