Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Take a Number, Stand in Line

I'm almost afraid to say it, but I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The cabinets and appliances are installed (sort of). Dishwashers aren't really hooked up but they're in place and the template is being made for my granite even as we speak. Looks like I'll have a sink and countertop by Friday. Dare I hope?
I've decided to give in on the yellow paint for the guest rooms, guest bath, and maybe even the powder room. But I'm getting a buttery cream for everything else. We've selected the wooden A/C vents to match our flooring to the tune of $16 each. Have mercy! No, I haven't chosen my cabinet hardware yet but I'm tellin' you, my cabinets are divine (even though I can't open the drawers).
I gave the new microwave a whirl last night. (I should find the book and then read it.) Haven't even figured out to set the clock on the new stove, but again, when there's time to read the books, I'll jump right on it.

Speaking of reading...last week I read an old book by Jeffrey Archer called False Impression and loved it. So I went back upstairs and found another on the shelf and began reading that. (First Among Equals) And then I got a call from the library that a book I'd requested awaited me. Don't even remember requesting Loitering with Intent, a Stuart Woods book featuring Stone Barrington, but I was able to finish it in 2 nights. LOVED IT. So now I'm back to Mr. Archer's book and with luck, I'll finish it tonight. I've got a rubber stamp somewhere that reads "So many books, so little time". Ain't it the dyin' truth.

My to-do list is growing by leaps and bounds. Wish I could say that I'm crossing off completed tasks but that would be less than truthful. I've got bangles and beads to design for publication in a catalog (can't say; don't ask) and I've also got lots to design for the Summer Craft & Hobby Assn show. Tick tock. The time draws near.
But instead of putting my nose to that grindstone I'm itching to begin packing my class kits for Stampfest and Stampaway. My outing to the Liberty Antique Festival a couple of weeks ago was quite productive. I'm now the proud owner of 500 antique tokens, more foreign postage stamps, and hundreds of old b&w photos. I actually bought someone's scrapbook/photo album that they'd spent a lifetime assembling. Came right home with it and pulled out every single photo, tossing the book. Priorities people.

In the past I've packaged convention class kits in popcorn bags, popcorn boxes, interoffice memo envelopes with string closures, Chinese take-away containers, and other clever storage containers. But this year I've already decided on my "brown paper packages tied up with string". I'm a firm believer that a successful class begins with the presentation. Oh how I love my presentations and this year will be the best yet.
I received an invoice via email this week, telling me that more new products ordered after Winter CHA have finally shipped. Why I can hardly wait! Ranger's new alcohol pens, Tim's mini masks, grungepaper... Be still my heart!

And don't you just know that all my classes in the studio, in Orlando and in Cincinnati are going to include play with all these new goodies and more? You better believe it.
Stay tuned, I've got photos of my antique treasures to post as I begin assembling my kits...


  1. Linda

    Sounds like you are up to your eyeballs in projects.
    CHA will be here soon and then Stampaway right after.

    See you soon


  2. Love the patterns of the boats & boxes!!

    Tagged you - stop by Vestella's vale to see :)


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